Password Management Is Now More Important As Remote Teams Head Back to the Office

The release of the COVID-19 vaccines has resulted in many companies experiencing an influx of remote teams going back to the office. For workers, this means fewer interruptions, improved tech support, and better collaboration with colleagues. Although this may seem like a good sign for many employers, it also comes with a higher risk concerning password management and security.

The number of cases of stolen passwords has increased since the start of the pandemic worldwide, with ruthless cybercriminals using any means necessary to trick employees into handing over their company information.

If you are one of those companies that are transitioning their teams back to the office, and/or allowing for more hybrid work situations, now is a more crucial time to start enforcing better password management than ever.

Transitioning Remote Teams Back to the Office

A lot of companies have had their teams work from home for more than a year now. With many of them heading back to the office come scores of missing and forgotten passwords for office-based apps and systems.

This password problem slows down many processes that result in reduced productivity in the workplace.

Meanwhile, there are those people who will be bringing their personal devices to work, with many leaving their company passwords at home.

A Solution to Password Issues

Using an app that can manage passwords is one of the most sensible solutions to password problems with returning employees. Platforms like IDSync provide features such as password synchronization, access management, and application-level user security to ensure that company credentials stay safe.

One of the best features of IDSync is its password federation capability. Password federation allows signing in without passwords since the server recognizes each username and presents the app with a token that identifies employees.

This means that employees can do away with memorizing passwords and not risk getting locked out of company software and systems.


Password management problems should be expected with the return of employees from remote work to the office. The good news is that there are apps like IDSync that can help people with their password issues by providing features such as password federation.

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