IDSync® Connector for Odin (Parallels)


IDSync® Connector for Odin – Feature Benefits

  • Reduces Customer On-boarding and Management costs  with native Active Directory Integration
  • Extends Parallels Operations Automation (POA) and Simplifies Customer Migration to the Cloud
  • Seamless Global Access List (GAL) Integration  –   Supports AD Security Groups and Distribution Lists
  • Service Provider Branded – Your Brand in Active Directory
  • Identity Management –  Self-Service, Monitoring  and Audit

  Not Just an Active Directory Synchronization Tool

  • Comprehensive Identity Access, Identity Management & Application Security Solution
  • Event Driven and Real Time
  • Natively Integrated with Active Directory as a Windows service
  • Automated Installer that streamlines implementation and configuration
  • Brings forth POA’s Application Management features to Active Directory
  • Unified Password System with User Self Service for Active Directory
  • Extends the Parallels Automation platform to bridge Syndication capabilities











 Feature Comparison with Parallels Customer Directory Integration (CDI) Module













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