How Identity Synchronization Can Streamline Your Business

Are you an IT service provider, concerned about Active Directory security for your customers?  As an IT support service provider, your reputation is built on a level of trust and competence with your clients. Your clients entrust you with access to their most private business information as you manage and modify their Active Directory.

The type of information available via a client’s Active Directory makes it an attractive target for hackers, and a source of the vast majority of security breaches. As a trusted advisor for your clients, you must be able to reduce the risk for your clients and protect your reputation. IDSync® is the tool you need to manage and protect both cloud-based and on-premise systems.

What Is IDSync®?

IDSync® provides premium identity frameworks to manage identities and improve security and data governance. This identity synchronization tool provides password synchronization, access management, and application-level user security within the Standard Active Directory. This is the tool that brings it all together.

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Why Do You Need IDSync®?

As an IT service provider, you have employees working in different capacities, requiring various levels of Active Directory rights. In attempting to manage this process manually, or through sharing privileged login credentials among your employees, you leave yourself open to several high-risk scenarios for you and the customer:

  • Active Directory errors
  • Customer service delays
  • Security hacks
  • User accountability
  • Violation of industry or governmental regulations

In addition to these high-risk situations, there are also ongoing regular tasks reduces your efficiency as an IT service provider such as changing the roles and security level rights of your  IT technician for your customer base, on short notice and enabling, disabling or changing the privileges of a your service staff. Attempting to complete these tasks efficiently without creating additional risk for your client can be exasperating.

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How Identity Synchronization Can Help

IDSync® provides a software tool that can make the AD user adds, deletions, or changes you need across ALL customer domains supported by the MSP by simply pushing a button to update one or all customers at the same time. Using IDSync® for IT service not only offers better security, but it also gives you a competitive advantage through:

  • Lower IT costs
  • Faster response times
  • Lower cyber risks for yourself and your customers

Choose IDSync® for Your IT Company

Identity Syncronizer is just the tool you need to streamline your services as an IT provider. The software can help you to apply updates quickly and simultaneously to many customers while reducing potential security risks on your end. This software can help you reduce costs, and improve your practices. It is easy to learn, simple to deploy and can be up and running in your business within a week.

Visit us online to get a closer look at identity synchronization and schedule a personal demo. You’ll be glad you did.