Identity Access Management – A Brief History

Today, a wide variety of computer applications forms the backbone of modern business. As a result, proper identity access management (IAM) has become crucial in ensuring the efficiency and security of business operations. The typical employee uses an average of six to twelve applications during the normal workday. Each of these applications requires its own specific username and corresponding password to provide employees access to complete their tasks. ID management refers to a business’s need to assign, track, and report all relevant information concerning login and security permissions for every employee.

Businesses must practice careful storage and regular maintenance of passwords and identity credentials so users can access the networks, information systems, and operating systems necessary for their unique business environment. We created IDSync’s ID management software as a low-cost, extensive tool for ID management that offers mid-size businesses direct integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory System. Our software serves as a comprehensive solution for each of the most common IAM issues confronted by IT and managed services providers.

Identity Access Management Is Time-Consuming, Demanding, and Error-Prone     

Failure to establish optimized user identity processes can undermine the efficiency of employees by leaving them without the tools they need to perform their tasks. This waste of valuable time and resources can prove enormously costly over time, as employees are handicapped by lack of access to business resources. Fortunately, proper user identity protocol can significantly improve the efficiency of your business by streamlining ID management.


IDSync eliminates the struggle of remembering and changing passwords, improving employee productivity. In addition, the solution streamlines the process of supplying access to new employees or current employees who forget their passwords. Automated processes reduce the need for IT technical help to manage infrastructure, allowing IT resources to be directed toward activities of higher value. Synchronization provides the ability to apply quick, simultaneous updates to user accounts located in the Active Directory. This improves the agility of the business, empowering employees by more quickly deploying software, with role based rights, preventing  costly clerical errors, and reducing customer communication and delays.

IAM Involves Serious Risks

Even the simplest of ID management mistakes can compromise the reputation of the brand and expose the company to serious security risks. The IDSync solution mitigates these risks, for both the managed service provider and their customers.

Our optimized software allows companies to precisely control user accounts, passwords, and permissions from one central location on the Active Directory, greatly minimizing administrative efforts while providing auditors with the ability to inspect and report identity transactions, helping companies avoid regulatory violations.

Elevate Your Identity Access Management to the Next Level with IDSync

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