ID Management Software – Assigning Roles and Rights

Managing access and permissions for multiple AD users can be very time-consuming. You’d need to keep a record of all your users, updating them one by one as necessary. It becomes even more problematic when you consider your staff and how you also need to manage their roles and rights within the system. Each move you make can impact the entire system as a whole, and dealing with problems one by one is increasingly hard as you scale up.

A simple mistake within the system can expose a business to significant security risk or could compromise brand reputation or compliance with regulations and legislation.

Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid the security risk and nuisance. This solution is easy, and involves automating the assignment of roles and rights using identity management software; also known as ID management software.

Using ID Management Software

With ID management software, you can collate and view all users within a simple interface. Within this, you can quickly see what each user has access to. There’ll be no more users gaining access to parts of the system they shouldn’t have. Not only can you assign and remove roles with a simple command, but you’ll still retain their information vital for data analysis.


The system also works well with personnel. You can assign permissions depending on the role. Instead of changing permissions one by one, you can do this with a single click. In one move, you can change a person’s access level to IT resources, software and data. Transfers and promotions in your system will become easier than ever.

Using an ID management system makes the process simple. It can be divided into three parts:

  • Users: People who have access to the system, whether they’re staff or users.
  • Roles: A title we set upon a staff or user to help us identify their rights within the system.
  • Rights: Rights are the role’s capability within the system. You can allow users to view, delete, or edit, depending on the rights they have.

Identity Management Software Should Be Flexible

You already know that people management can be a fluid and ever-changing process. It requires a degree of flexibility to be able to complete tasks without wasting resources. Project management software allows users to manage and organize various workloads. They help track data to see the cash flow, liabilities, and progress of each task.

Project management systems often evolve and ID management software should be the same. The software should have the ability to hide and display information as needed. They should have a granular level of control that allows modification to roles and rights while keeping them as simple as possible.

ID Management Should Be a Consideration of Every Organization

As the digital world becomes more complex, it brings many features and many risks along with it. Having software in place adds a level of security and control. It protects your passwords, private information, and other sensitive parts of your system. Not only does it make the work easier, but it also scales well as you add more employees or users to your system.

You can even link your system to the cloud, providing you security even in the case of data corruption. ID management systems are changing and are starting to gain integration with other software. Newer systems have features like automation and authentication. Assigning roles and rights using ID management software is the better option.

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