Cloud Billing Studio for Ingram Marketplace Overview


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For MSP’s – Automate the Transfer of Billing Information – Ingram Marketplace to Your System

Selling cloud applications is an important part of the modern MSP business model. Invoicing for those software licenses in a timely way is important but can be time-consuming, tedious, error prone while using valuable administrative/IT resources to support the effort.

Fill the Gap

When a service provider fulfills a customer order through the Ingram Marketplace, there is a data gap and a need for the MSP to integrate Marketplace sales data into their billing system to use for easy accurate customer invoices. This can be an intense administrative task if done manually.

Recognizing this gap between systems, IDSync® developed the Cloud Billing Studio product line using Ingram Marketplace data and approved Ingram access methods to provide the missing data in an automated “easy to invoice” format.

The Manual Billing Challenge

The lack of an automated method means that a manual and redundant process is required to prepare the invoicing data for use by the MSP’s invoicing system. Then there are the info tools needed to manage the pile of monthly sales transactions and add/change/delete license events requested by customers. And then there is the pro-rating calculations for partial month usage, etc. Many things to think of…

  • Reduce Your Accounting Costs
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Entry
  • Automate Data Transfer
  • Improve Your Cash Flow

The challenge is to manually collect, collate, match and apply license add/change/deletes that have been entered into the Ingram Marketplace to a corresponding customer in an efficient way such that the cost of administration does not exceed the margin associated with the sale of the software subscription or the time available to get an invoice out the door.

Prompt Payment Requires a Prompt Invoice

To be paid promptly, one must invoice promptly. To delay invoicing is to invite collection and customer satisfaction issues. To try and produce an accurate invoice can take significant administrative effort and be a burden on the IT and business staffs at times of the month when they are already dealing with normal month-end processes.

IDSync® Has a Better Way – Fresh Billing Data as Needed – A Process that Works

Use IDSync’s Billing Studio for the Ingram Marketplace and connect your Autotask or ConnectWise system to the Ingram Marketplace. The Billing Studio software monitors the Marketplace for changes in license count and product data and fresh information will update your invoicing system when you need it in near real-time. IDSync® eliminates the manual chores of maintaining the timeliness and accuracy of your customers’ Marketplace purchases and makes it easy for the MSP to get an invoice out the door.

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