Active Directory to Active Directory – User Synchronization

For MSPs & IT Service Providers

Solves Password Sharing Problems, Overly Broad “rights” for IT staff and supports user enablement/disablement for Customer’s Active Directory

The Identity Syncronizer Active Directory to Active Directory platform enables an MSP to connect its on-premise Active Directory to its customers’ Active Directories for purposes of provisioning and synchronizing user metadata and passwords for its technicians, those who will be accessing the customers’ Active Directory and networks.

Solve Problems of cost, delay, and customer communications when staffing or changing customer support staff:

AD-AD One to Many
MSP AD Source to Customer’s AD Target
  • Apply Quick & Simultaneous Changes to Many AD’s
  • Minimize Customer Communications and Delays,
  • Minimize Service Provider Admin Efforts,
  • Minimize Service Provider Security Risks
  • Create a competitive difference for the service provider

IDSync provides an interface through which the MSP can identify those technicians for provisioning, identify target Active Directories into which the technicians will be provisioned or de-provisioned. Provisioning and synchronization can be maintained at the individual user level or can be accomplished in bulk via security groups.

Simultaneous Changes to Many AD’s at One Time

  • Real-Time Active Directory Provisioning and Synchronization abilities
  • Supports Multiple AD Connectors to Multiple customer instances of AD
  • Centralized Control of Provisioning and Synch transactions from the service provider’s Source AD to the customer’s target AD
  • Use of Security Groups & Group properties to control rights and provisioning to the target AD
  • One Directory Change in Source AD Updates multiple Target AD’s, Synchronization of Passwords and user Meta-Data
  • Audit Trail for Add/Change/Delete source to target transactions
  • Graceful recovery of cached transactions in the event of network outage